A minimal and easy-to-use application for Star War fans (and not only), The Force Within is a collection of well-known character quotes from the six Star Wars movies and the Clone Wars TV series.

Each quote has its own distinctive category and coloring, derived from general proverbs, Jedi Master teachings, Sith Lord quotes and other characters, covering a large spectrum of words of wisdom inspired by western and eastern philosophies.

The app uses a pool from which it draws quotes randomly to display them on screen.

You can then read and navigate with gestures or screen controls.

Additional features enable you to save, retrieve, share quotes on social networks, copy to another app, email or text and manage the quote and background images rotation among other options etc.

The Force Within is available on the iTunes App Store as a free ad-based version and a paid, full version including significantly more quotes, no advertisements and other additional features.


  • Supported Devices

    iPhone, iPad

  • First Release

    Nov 7, 2011 (Full version), Dec 7, 2011 (Free version)

  • Current Status

    Available on the App Store