The new PEOPLECERT Partner app brings the experience of managing the entire examination process to the iPhone, with a powerful all-new app!

Engineered from the ground-up, combining meticulous design with an intuitive interface, the PEOPLECERT app delivers the ultimate simplicity on the go, and makes the life of Test Center Managers, Proctors / Invigilators and Trainers more efficient, more productive, and more fun!

Test Center Managers:

Save time, save money and grow your business with the new PEOPLECERT Partner app!
Designed to take the hassle out of exam management, the app allows you to spend more time with your customers while offering you powerful tools to stay on top of your business.

Proctors / Invigilators:

Say hello to the new PEOPLECERT Partner app and goodbye to lengthy admin work while being tied to your desk! With the brand-new PEOPLECERT Partner app, Proctors / Invigilators can view anywhere, at any time.


Manage your training sessions at a fraction of the time, with the powerful simplicity of the PEOPLECERT Partner app! The app allows you similar functionality to that of Proctors / Invigilators, while adhering to all necessary restrictions on exam information and exam results, as per PEOPLECERT rules and Test Center regulations.


  • Supported Devices

    iPhone, iPod

  • First Release

    Version 2.0: Expected

  • Current Status

    Waiting for release